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FarmVisit connects

FarmVisit enables farmers to share key performance indicators with their advisors to make more effective and faster use of their expertise. This is a major step forward in the information exchange between dairy farms and their advisors.

Monitor the farm performances

From now on advisors will be able to check farm performances on their mobile device when and wherever they want. Different graphs show the current situation compared with the previous  month and years’ results.  From this information it is  clear what the trends are and where results can be improved.

Results of advice

The advisor can store notes in the graphs so that it is easy to check if the situation has improved  after the given advice.

Always up to date

By using up to date information in the areas of milk production, feed efficiency and reproduction, the advisor can help the farmer in achieving his specific  farm objectives.

Unlock features

To get familiar with the FarmVisit application, not all features are accessible after installing the application. To unlock these features you must earn enough points. You can earn points by using the FarmVisit application frequently and by performing specific tasks. The number of earned points is displayed on the 'Dashboard' page and on the 'Rewards Center' page.