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Watch how Lely T4C InHerd Today works

Personalised task list

Today generates a personalised task list based on your daily routines and the T4C settings on your dairy farm.

To keep a clear overview of your daily routines, tasks are linked to a shift (morning, afternoon or evening). When a task is finished, mark it as ‘Done’. This enables all InHerd users at your company to see if a task is completed.

Shift divided tasks

When adding a task you can:
  • Change the title.
  • Assign the task to a specific role that is created in the ‘FarmSetup’ tool.
  • Schedule recurrent tasks per week, or every two, three or four weeks, and select one or more days of the week.
  • Plan the task for one or more shifts that are created in the tool ‘FarmSetup’.
  • Select the right location for the task. Assign the right ‘HowTo’ explanation.